St. Andrew's 5th Grade Support...


Thank you to all the wonderful children who drew these amazing cards for support of our runners during the Space Coast Marathon!


Homelessness in Central Florida...


One of the major obstacles within an individual who has become homeless is overcoming the situation that they are currently in. Having the courage, the strength and overcoming the fears of moving forward; instead of becoming comfortable with that state and losing the motivation. Runners, inherently, are some of the most motivated and inspiring individuals.

There are approximately 10,000 homeless in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties and it has significantly increased in the past year. In the downtown area, there are approximately 2500 homeless individuals. Orlando has many resources for meeting immediate needs and basic services of the homeless like shelter and food. There is a huge social, economic and environmental impact of homelessness in Central Florida with increased crime rates when hopelessness sets in, higher tax spending on police surveillance and greater expense of emergency medical care being a few of the costs. There would be a significant social return on investment to optimize aid to transition the homeless back to self-sufficiency.




Running is metaphor for life - there will be ups and downs, good and bad, but just keep moving forward. Running goes back to ancient times and has been a driving force in moving our world forward. Running takes persistence and determination. The consistent theme of running is continuing to move forward and overcome adversity. And, every step is a new personal best.


Our Mission...


The Stepping Onward Organization is dedicated to promoting human evolution, reestablishing self sufficiency and achieving victory over personal setbacks through advocacy, education, research and service. Stepping Onward supports and promotes the homeless recovery process and foster care system through peer directed and operated services, advocacy, and economic development.


Our family decided to move to Virginia to be close to our other family members. This past month, we flew there and looked at beachfront properties in Virginia Beach, VA. Needless to say, we were impressed. There are many good deals and the prices of homes are way cheaper than were we live now. We are seriously thinking about making a offer.



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to our sponsors for all your caring and your generous support!

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